Home School

Home School Skating Lessons!

As Skating Director, and former home school mom of twelve years, I understand the challenges and blessings of home schooling. We're here to help kids learn, have fun, fulfill PE requirements and meet up with friends. Meanwhile, moms can chat, have a cup of coffee, & check work on our free wi-fi.

See our "Dates & Times" page (right) for sessions throughout the year. Sessions run for six weeks.  Students are permitted to enter the rink early at 12 noon, take their class and skate until 3:15 pm!

Your online registration fee for six weeks is $95.00 for the first child, $90.00 for the second child and $85.00 for the third child and so on.

This is a mixed class of all ages and abilities. Sometimes a very young child may not be suited for this class, but we are glad to evaluate.

Be a part of our Christmas Home School Recital on Ice complete with programs, spotlights, costumes and a great audience that attends for free! Date to be announced soon!

Moms and Dads are the best teachers, but we've got a staff of professionals that can help you achieve your skating goals too! Every Tuesday and Thursday the doors open at noon and we're accustomed to hosting home school families. Some come for Tuesday lessons, others just to skate with friends. Come join us, and meet new moms and families from Lexington and the surrounding area.

The Lexington Ice Center, Learn to Skate Program is a member of the Presidential Fitness Program and "Let's Move" challenging obesity in youth.