Basic Skills 1 - 8

Basic Skills Level 1- 8  Learn to Skate Great!

With Lexington Ice Center's Basic Skills Program, learning to skate is easy and fun! Using the proper skill progression and technique, you will learn each element in the badge-level structure. Every badge level has six to seven elements. Once you have mastered the elements in a level, you will earn a badge, and your instructor will move you to the next level.

Your child's $95.00 online registration fee for our Basic Skills 1-8 classes is an affordable way to have fun, exercise and learn new skills. Your second child is $90.00 and third $85.00.

The Basic Eight Levels lay the foundation for figure skating, hockey or recreational skating. So if your interest and potential lies in figure skating there's ample opportunities here at the Ice Center to keep you focused. If it's hockey, we'll give you a rock solid foundation! You are Potential!

Both boys and girls participate in figure skating and hockey; in fact, girls hockey is the fastest growing youth sport in the United States! 

Learn to Skate Basic 8 is designed to serve the needs of both recreational and competitive skaters. The curriculum keeps skaters enthusiastic about learning from the time they begin lessons until the time they reach their goals.

Whether they want Olympic fame or to simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating, our Basic Skills Program is the place to start!

Students ages six and up, begin with Basic1 and end with Basic 8; there are also freeskate class levels that follow Basic 8, so you can keep growing and improving your skills with us!